MO Kids

MO Kids

Welcome to Mo-Kids, the children’s ministry of Mosaic Bible Fellowship, Serving Pre-K through 5th grade. Our mission is to partner with parents in order to provide a safe, nurturing, learning atmosphere that encourages children to choose God First. We promise to be a Bible-based, child-centered, relational, creative and fun place for your child to grow! Each curriculum in Mo-Kids is designed around age appropriate learning activities that children enjoy in a small group setting.

Pre K- Kindergarten: 10:00 am- 11:30am

Curriculum: First Look

You’re a preschooler, and the world is bursting with newness. Each day is filled with one new discovery after another. Where did that bird come from? Look, the moon is shaped funny tonight! Who thought to color the butterfly like that?

First Look is a web-based curriculum that uses engaging activities to introduce pre-school children to God. First Look gives children a first impression of heavenly Father and the wonder of His love for each one of them.

1st-4th Grade: 10:00 am-11: 30 am

Curriculum: LifeWay’s The Gospel Project For Kids (for ages 4-12)

Elementary –age kids are in a constant stage of discovery. Think about all the different things they are trying for the first time and what they’re learning every day, even how they make and keep friends. How can we tap into the way kids are naturally wired to discover, so they can begin to experience themselves who God is, how He sees them and how much He loves them?



The Children’s classes meet at the same time as the adult worship service. So while you are enjoying worship, preaching and teaching in the adult service, your children are experiencing God in their own age appropriate language and environment.


All Children’s programs receive age appropriate Bible lessons that are communicated in such a way that is fun, memorable, and enables your child to learn and fall in love with Jesus! Each class has three basic teaching goals:

  • I can trust God no matter what
  • I need to make the wise chose.
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated.
  1. IT’S SAFE.

So you can relax… knowing that your child is in good hands, in a safe and secure environment and having a great fun-filled time.

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