October 24, 2022

Upcoming Sermon Schedule

Upcoming Sermon Schedule



I wanted to clarify what’s happening in the next few weeks @ Mosaic:
10/23 /22  Young / (John 15:26-27)
10/28-29/22 WAGOH CONF @ Shielfield Family Life 
10/30/22 Testimony and Worship Service w/ WAGOH singers and Debra Lee @ Mosaic
11/2/22   Randle (Wednesday fb online ) (John 16:16-24)
11/6/22   Daniels (John 16:25-33) First Sunday
11/13/22 Randle (John 17:1-5)
11/20/22 Young   (John 17:6-26)
11/27/22  Rocky   Thanksgiving
This should put us back on track….. until Christmas.
For Christmas we are planning a Christmas Concert on Saturday Dec.24th with Mokids and Praise Team, Christmas is on Sunday.
We will finish John’s Gospel 2/12/23 

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